Best Taxi Service in Dehradun

Best Taxi Service in Dehradun

Dehradun Taxi Hire was established in 1985 and is one of the oldest private hire companies providing Taxi service in Dehradun and nearby cities. We have a wealth of experience in commercial travel and are sure that our customers will reach their destination, comfortably and hassle-free, supported by a computerized data & dispatch booking system.

Popular Service For Clients

All the vehicles are well adorned with all modern support, and our emergency service is ultra-fast (no more waiting).

Dehradun Taxi Hire offers a 24/7 service during the year.

The drivers of Evergreen Travel Service are qualified and verified chauffeur and have really cool sense of humor (you will enjoy every bit of your journey). they deliver professional and higher standards of service.

The Taxi Service does timely maintenance of all the vehicles. The cars are frequently checked and timely service. Which ensures that they are kept to an immeasurable standard.

Best Services

  • 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • modern fleet of vehicles
  • fully licensed drivers and vehicles
  • managing cars for that special occasion

Dehradun Taxi Hire is a Dehradun based organization providing elite taxi services in Dehradun.

  • Dehradun cab service for a hassle-free city trip.
  • For family and business trips, book tempo travelers in Dehradun.
  • Fully adorned taxi from Dehradun to Delhi.
  • Best in class Dehradun cabs.
  • Coming from Delhi? try our Delhi to Dehradun Taxi Service – you won’t regret it ever.

Dehradun Taxi Hire is approved by the Ministry of Tourism, India

The company is a steady source of your sabbatical commute. The Taxi service provides you with all the information and services needed to plan a pleasant stay here in North India. We give personal attention to each and every client.

The company provides safe and reliable taxi hiring services for short and long-distance journeys everywhere in North India. From Dehradun, our cabs will take you to any coveted location in Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Chandigarh, and new Delhi, etc. The taxi service proudly states that our staff is highly skilled and motivated. We have close business associations with hotels to suit the needs of every traveling tourist. We understand that every successful travel package should be personalized to the visiting tourists.

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