The Importance of Images in Digital Marketing

The Importance of Images in Digital Marketing

For each post that you tell, there are great ways to add relevant images to the content. You will have to study, follow your analytics, and listen to your audience to decide which types of images fit your audience. So the importance of images in digital marketing is here we will discuss.

Importance of Images in Digital Marketing

I agree, coming up with different images for your content looks to be quite a lot of work – why should you do it? Here are some facts and statistics, to give you reliable proof that it is deserving to invest the time to plan or look up some impressive images for your digital marketing:

Retain your Reader’s

I already mentioned the fact, that images assist you to structure the content – but there is more to it.

Internet users spend closer study to the information in images. Images give important fixpoints in the content. And if they are linked to the exact topic and content they encourage your audience to read the content and see in a moment whether the erudition is useful or not. You need to give images that are relevant to your audience – simple, separate stock photos will most of the time not do the deal. Rather go for graphics, illustrations, or something else.

Make your content Interesting

Do you want to make an impact on your audience and stay on their brains? Use images!

If we discover a piece of information we will remember 5% of it after 3 days but if you see the information, you will remember 65% of it. And statistics are comparable for written content related to images.

Gain more social shares     

There are various reasons why a piece of content without any images does not get as many social shares as content with images. It all begins with the need for images in some social networks which suggests that images make your content more shareable.

Tweets with images get more retweets and much more engagement than tweets without images. No one will tweet your content if you don’t contribute any image to go with the tweet. The same applies to Facebook Posts with images get 2 times as much engagement than posts without images. BuzzSumo also examined over 1 million articles and found that articles with images every 90-130 words get double social shares. And we haven’t yet been talking about some specific types of images like Infographics, which are “liked” and shared on social media 5 times as often as any other type of content. Social media marketing without images is near to impracticable in today’s world. And the same applies to content marketing

Receive more views to your content

And it does not end with making more social shares.

Your articles will get a ton more recognition if you include images. Of course, some of this is due to getting more social shares, but here it is in numbers: Articles with images get 90% more views!

Since Google gives an image search, you can also get organic traffic to your website if you optimize your images for search.

Gain trust with your audience

Digital marketing is not all about blogging, creating posts, engaging, and making them shared. In the end, we all want to market something online. And images can assist you to make sales faster! Consumers love images. Images build trust and provide a look and feel for the product they are about to buy. In fact, 65% of consumers claim that the quality of a product image is very important for them in the process of picking and purchasing a product.

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